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Tigray Development Association in North America Head Quarter Inaugural Ceremony Marks New Chapter in Diaspora Support.

Washington DC – May 28, 2024 – The Tigray Development Association in North America (TDANA) commemorated a significant milestone with the grand opening of its head office on May 25, 2024. The inaugural ceremony in Washington DC drew an enthusiastic crowd of distinguished guests, members, and supporters eager to celebrate the organization's commitment to serving the Tigrayan community. Established in 1989, TDANA has become a cornerstone of empowering Tigrayans in North America to contribute to the development of Tigray. The new head office signifies a renewed focus on strengthening the organization's capacity to deliver impactful programs in the areas of education, health, and capacity building.


The all-day ceremony started with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a blessing by Tigray Orthodox Religious Leaders at 10 AM and lasted until 4PM. TDANA Board Chairman Dr. Kidane Assefa welcomed members, distinguished guests, and supporters to the historic event and promised them the head office would serve as a platform to foster a sense of unity and purpose among the Tigrayan diaspora in North America, united in their dedication to improving the lives of their people in Tigray.


Refreshment was served all day thanks to the DMV Chapter of Tigray Development Association in North America, that helped in organizing the inaugural event.


The all-day ceremony included a joyful musical night at the Arlington Crystal Hilton where the first TDA Executive Boards were given certificates of recognition. Dr Aseffa Abreha, Prof Tilahun Beyene, Desta Asgedom, Araya Zerihun, and Eng Zemen Lebnedengel were recognized as the first TDA North America Executive board members. To be recalled, the first board which comprised 19 individuals was elected by the more than 150 participants and founders of Tigray Development Association.


The Board also recognized Lemlem Gebrmariam, current TDA North America Treasurer who single-handedly worked day and night to convert the three-floor building into a comfortable and functional head office. Besides running the time-consuming work of managing TDA North America's financial transactions, Lemlem also managed the remodeling and refurbishing of the building which was a very time-consuming project. Lemlem was gracious to accept the award on behalf of the resource mobilization team within TDANA Board, and the DMV chapter team of TDANA.


A long-time friend of TDA, Dr Paul Isihara from the Timothy Project spoke about the Timtohy Project and the Araya Zerihun Scholarship Award. Dr Paul, who recently visited Tigray, shared his heartwarming experience and the challenges Tigray is facing now. Dr Paul has been to Tigray many times before and plans to remain engaged with God's help. Dr Paul and his wife, Hisae flew from Wheaton, Illinois to attend the inaugural ceremony.


Mesfin Ayenew, one of the early leaders who worked tirelessly for the establishment of TDA North America shared his rich experience with community work and how to turn ideas into successful projects. He said Tigray Development was a small idea then but became what it has become today because the Tigray community adopted it and believed in it despite the challenges early organizers were facing.


Mizan Gebrelesassie chairman of The Union of Tigrayans in North America (UTNA) spoke his association's unwavering support to TDA North America. To be recalled TDA North America was established during UTNA's annual conference in Washington DC. UTNA and its members were the main sponsors of the Tigray Development Association from the beginning.


Members, Supporters and distinguished guests were entertained warmly by the renowned singer Ephrem Amare and his band. Both the morning and evening events were recorded and here is a link to our Facebook page:


About the Tigray Development Association in North America

The Tigray Development Association (TDANA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1989. TDANA’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of the livelihood of the people of Tigray through human resource development and the enhancement of health services. The organization works towards fostering self-sufficiency at the community level and empowering Tigrayans as agents of change.



Isayas Abaye,


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