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Together we can make a difference

Join Our Community

The entire proceeds will be used to fund active TDA projects in Tigray. 

Members are the source of our greatest strength. Our work is made entirely possible by the dedication of thousands of supporters like you.

There can be no victory without your voice, your dedication, your struggle, and your support. When we stand together, nothing can stop us.

Sign up to become a member today. Membership starts at $30.

Membership for adults

Membership for the youth

TDA Membership Chapters

TDA Chapters are volunteer-run communities that allow you to connect with other like-minded individuals within your local area. We currently have over 60 chapters across the world. 

Membership Benefits

Members  have many benefits including: 

Help shape the future of Tigrayans

Receive discounts on eligible items & events

Network with like-minded individuals

Become a Member

Join Today

The entire proceeds will be used to fund active TDA projects in Tigray. 

General Membership


Per Year

For adults (individuals over the age of 18)

General Membership

Per Year

For the youth (individuals under the age of 18)


Become a Member
Leave a one-time donation
Choose wic years you want to be a member of TDANA

Thank you for joining our membership!

Other Ways You Can Get Involved


From donating your birthday to fundraising, there are many ways you can give 


Use your voice to advocate online and/or in-person around development issues


Be part of our active and dedicated volunteer team to make an impact.


When we work together we increase our impact. Let's become partners!

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