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At a Glance

Our Sustainable Development Goals 

It will take all of us to achieve the sustainable development of Tigray. That’s why we were thrilled when the UN announced the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, including the goal of ending poverty, and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

When we address the existing issues together, we can ensure that they will be resolved on a long-term basis. Below is a list of development goals we've targeted so far: 

Capacity Building

  • 7,000 teachers, principals, health professionals and parents trained

  • 36 Virtual computer centers built

  • 23 science & technology centers built

  • 21 public libraries built


83 Health Facilities built:

  • 2 Hospitals

  • 7 Health centers

  • 74 Clinics


  • 4,343 furnished schools

  • 100,000 resources

  • 250 million Br worth of books and medical equipment distributed


  • 673 primary schools built

  • 44 secondary schools built

  • Established one college of Technology & Engineering (MIT)

  • Established a special boarding high school, Kalamino

Before the War

Since its formation in 1989, TDA has worked at the grassroots level to rebuild Tigray by focusing on improving education and health and training the youth of Tigray. 
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