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Together we can make a difference

Raise Your Voice

Advocacy isn’t limited to those in government, lobbyists, or those with a large platform.  There is power in your voice and when you use it to advocate for a better future, you help shift policy and change public opinions around the importance of addressing poverty globally.  When you advocate for the poor and the marginalized, you’re a catalyst for change.  You can help to start conversations, shine a light on the needs of others, and strengthen the message of hope.

Raise Awareness

Become an active member

Be Informed

Share Your Impact

Join the movement

Our collaborative effort, no matter how small, can have a lifetime impact on the future of Tigrayans. So join the movement today to ensure every Tigrayan has the opportunity to reach his/her full potential.


Not sure how you can become an advocate? Not to worry. We have listed here different ways everyone can participate.  

Make a life changing impact by joining us

Become a Member

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How to Advocate for Tigray

1. Be Informed

By following us on social media, and attending our events, you can learn more about the difficulties that Tigrayans face today and remain up to date on the latest developments.

2. Raise Awareness

Share your observations, comments, and action plans on social media and use the hashtag #TDA to help us spread the word. Also, reach out to your elected officials. To help you get started, we have provided sample social media posts and scripts.

3. Be an Active Member

Join us in our efforts by contributing your time and becoming a member of our organization. Make sure to follow up on your advocacy efforts and encourage others to do so as well.

4. Share Your Impact

Tag us with #TDA on social media will allow you to share your advocacy efforts and influence with us and the rest of the world. We'd love to feature your accomplishments on our platforms as well.

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