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To All Donors who Donated to the
"I Stand With Tigray"
GoFundMe Campaign from Sept 2021 to Aug 2022: 



Dear: Donors

Due to U.S. general sanction on Ethiopia, GoFundMe has been withholding all funds donated to the “I Stand with Tigray” Mekete fundraising campaign since Dec 2021. The last payment Tigray Development Association in North America (TDANA) received from GoFundMe was at the end of Dec 2021.


If you donated to the “I Stand with Tigray” fundraising campaign through GoFundMe starting from Sep 2021 to August 2022, we urge you to contact GoFundMe and ask, “what happened to my donation?”


Once you confirm your donation was not sent to the TDANA Mekete bank account and is still held at GoFundMe, please tell GoFundMe to give your contribution to:

 East Africa Rehabilitation & Development Association (EARDA).


EARDA is a sister NGO organization established to help Tigray and has agreed to deposit all donations received to the Mekete Account managed by TDANA. EARDA has completed all necessary approval process at GoFundMe.


We have heard also GoFundMe has contacted some of you. If you were already contacted by GoFundMe, please tell them to deposit your donation to:

 East Africa Rehabilitation & Development Association (EARDA) also.


If GoFundMe for any reason(s) tells you that you can not use (EARDA), ask GoFundMe to return you donation. You can deposit your donation directly to the following Mekete (I stand with Tigray) bank account.

We appreciate your cooperation on this matter. Please share this with anyone who has donated to “I stand with Tigray” fundraising late last year and this year.


Kidane Assefa


Other Ways You Can Help

Whether you’re able to invest time or money – everyone has a role to play in the sustainable end of poverty in Tigray. When one person is trained, the ripple effect it catalyzes is far-reaching: to their children and spouses, to their neighbors and to the wider community. Real progress is made when we all work together.


From donating your birthday to fundraising, there are many ways you can give 


When we work together we increase our impact. Let's become partners!


Use your voice to advocate online and/or in-person around development issues


Be part of a volunteer-run community to collectively take action to help Tigrayans.

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