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Empowering Education: TDA's Aid Efforts in Tigray

The Tigray Development Association (TDA) headquarters has received 460,000 notebooks, 604,800 pencils, and 240,000 pens from the TDA North America Branch. These supplies are being distributed to 67 woredas and 10 IDP shelters in South, Southeast, East, Central, and Northwest Tigray zones.

A total of 76,0676 notebooks, 38,038 pens, and 92,268 pencils have been distributed to 11,846 of the most needy children in 15 woredas in the Southeast and South Tigray regions so far.

The Tigray Development Association North American(TDANA) Branch are actively campaigning to raise awareness of the dire needs of students in Tigray. TDANA raised funds from its members and supporters a total amount of $140,000.00 dollars to purchase school supplies and blackboards to students in IDP shelters as well as primary and secondary schools all over Tigray. While students are eager to continue their education, they face limitations in the type of education they can receive due to the challenging circumstances.

Many students have shared that their schools were destroyed, and their parents were unable to supply them school supplies. Thanks to TDANA they are now only able to obtain 6 notebooks, 3 pens , and 8 pencils. They appeal to the community to continue providing support as they face difficulties in pursuing their education effectively.

The educational leadership in the woredas where the aid was delivered expresses their gratitude to the members and supporters of Tigray development Association in North America for the charitable efforts. They emphasize the need for ongoing assistance, which will contribute to the recovery and rebuilding of the education system and empower the people through education.

The funds for these supplies were raised in the United States, with a total cost exceeding 5.7 million birr, and have been distributed to students in need.

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