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3 Trucks Loaded with Educational Supplies Heading to the South, Central, East, and Northwest Tigray

“The recovery and development of Tigray is ensured when the education of our students is supported” -Mr. Tesfay G/Egziabher, Executive Director, TDA International

The Tigray Development Association (TDA) has announced the delivery of educational materials worth 5.7 million birr. These donations were received from the Tigray Development Association in North America (TDANA).

The Tigray Development Association (TDA) has received 460,000 notebooks, 240,000 desks, and 604,800 pencils, with a total value of over 5.7 million birr, benefiting 75,000 students and displaced individuals. On October 14, 2016, these materials were loaded onto trucks and are now en route to the South, Central, East, and Northwest regions.

TDA Executive Director, Tesfay Gebreegziabher, explained that the distribution of school supplies is part of TDA’s "One Person for One Child" campaign. It entails providing each of the 75,000 students in underserved areas with six notebooks, three pens, and eight pencils.

He emphasized, "The recovery and development of Tigray are ensured when our students receive support," calling upon people and supporters, both locally and internationally, to fulfill their civic duties promptly.

TDA is actively contributing to the improvement of Tigray by providing educational materials, facilitating the return of students to school, expanding nutrition and farming technologies through agricultural training centers, and enhancing food security. Currently, TDA has graduated 106 grade 12 students and is in the process of admitting 60 new students. Furthermore, it plans to send 1,000 blackboards to schools affected by war.

Source: TDA Mekelle.


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